Focus on Fundamentals

At times of uncertainty we suggest investors focus on the fundamentals of the economy and corporate profits.

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Europe Enters the Tour de France

BicyclingThe next four weeks will be a major turning point for European investors…

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Which Breaks First, Stock Prices or Uncertainty?

LPL Market ResearchSome significant technical trend lines are in play, so we take a closer look at market technicals and sentiment this week.

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Taking Stock of Technicals and Sentiment

LPL Market ResearchFebruary may be the shortest month of the year, but it also tends to be a month of stock market corrections — especially during a post-election year. Since 1950…     Read the entire article.


Is There Still Value in Value?

LPL Market ResearchValue stocks have historically outperformed when economic growth is accelerating…

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What A Week!

election2016We reflect on last week’s surprising stock market reaction to Donald Trump’s unexpected election victory…

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Earnings Update: The End of a Long Drought

cubs-logoThe earnings recession was not quite as long as the Cubs’ World Series drought, but we — like Cubs fans — are glad the drought is over…

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*Article Correction – The Cubs drought was 108 years.

Halloween Special: What Might Scare the Markets

jack-o-lanternIt’s Halloween, so what else could we do but write about what might scare the markets? We know from the financial media, measures of investor sentiment, and mutual fund outflows from equities and into bonds that investor nervousness is widespread. Some concerns are related to …

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Election Playbook

voteIn our election playbook, we discuss some investments that could possibly receive an election boost.
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Third Quarter 2016 Earnings Preview: Growth Returns?

LPL Market ResearchWe believe the earnings recession may have ended in the third quarter of 2016. As the drags from sharp energy declines and a strong U.S. dollar continue to abate, backed by a pickup in economic growth, the S&P 500 could potentially produce a small increase in earnings on a year-over-year basis in the just-completed third quarter. This week we preview the third quarter earnings season and discuss…

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