Is There Still Value in Value?

LPL Market ResearchValue stocks have historically outperformed when economic growth is accelerating…

Let’s read all about it.


  1. chuck coley says:

    Mr. White and Mr. Buchbinder wrote a very detailed report. The last sentence is a real clincher. Their conclusion of “investors maintain fairly balanced style allocations” is something you have preached for the last 10 years to me. Go figure.

  2. Scott Coxwell says:

    In reading the February 2017 report, “Market Watch 2017”, I found several interesting issues. The investor optimism, the foreign portion of the NYSE Composite Index (NYA), investor sentiment, and of course the volatility.
    In reading the articles I see the market’s strong desire for STABILITY.
    Time, patience and an educated people are the keys. None of these appear abundant these days. I do agree with the Bullish sentiment and hope that people/markets don’t overreact to the slightest bump in the road.
    Thanks again for the assistance you provided in our last meeting.