I Want My GDP: Nowcast Preview For Q4 2016

With the first (“advance”) estimate of GDP for Q4 2016 coming at the end of the week, Fed NowCast models are forecasting an average real growth of 2.5%... Read the full commentary here. … [Continue reading]

January Game Plan

We will be monitoring many significant events this month, including fourth quarter earnings, Chinese New Year, and the first FOMC meeting of 2017... Read the full commentary. … [Continue reading]

Happy New Year!

We look forward to serving you in 2017! … [Continue reading]

Outlook 2017 – Gauging Market Milestones

Presenting LPL Research Outlook 2017. … [Continue reading]

Can’t Stocks and Bond Yields Just Get Along?

Surging bond yields have not spooked stock market investors. The latest sharp move higher in bond yields has caused stock market investors to ask the question, At what point do higher interest rates potentially begin to hurt stock prices? Read … [Continue reading]

Irrational Exuberance Part Two?

Consumer confidence breaking out to new post-recession highs confirms the bull market in equities... Read the Commentary here. … [Continue reading]

Holiday Shopping Preview

We see several reasons to expect consumers to potentially open up their wallets this holiday season, including... Read the commentary here. … [Continue reading]

What A Week!

We reflect on last week’s surprising stock market reaction to Donald Trump’s unexpected election victory... Read the entire commentary here. … [Continue reading]

Earnings Update: The End of a Long Drought

The earnings recession was not quite as long as the Cubs’ World Series drought, but we — like Cubs fans — are glad the drought is over... Read the full commentary.   *Article Correction - The Cubs drought was 108 years. … [Continue reading]

Halloween Special: What Might Scare the Markets

It’s Halloween, so what else could we do but write about what might scare the markets? We know from the financial media, measures of investor sentiment, and mutual fund outflows from equities and into bonds that investor nervousness is widespread. … [Continue reading]