Europe Enters the Tour de France

BicyclingThe next four weeks will be a major turning point for European investors…

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Overseeing Poor Earnings Overseas

LPL Market ResearchCorporate earnings, the most important factor in market performance, were poor in developed foreign markets last quarter…

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European Head Fake?

LPL Market ResearchRecall back in September of 2014, in our two-part Weekly Market Commentary “Don’t Fight the ECB?” we highlighted several reasons for favoring U.S. equities and largely avoiding European equities, despite the ECB’s prior stimulus efforts and potential for outright QE. With QE likely forthcoming, we revisit the opportunity in Europe, which we believe may be setting the stage for a head fake…

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Under the Surface

Under the SurfaceConditions have stopped worsening, and Europe’s economy may be stabilizing after a period of rapid economic deterioration. However, the deep-rooted negatives that lie not far under the surface may disappoint those expecting steady improvement. As we have all year, we continue to believe U.S. stocks will outperform their international peers.

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Buyers and Sellers

Buyers and SellersWe devote this commentary each week to assessing the many reasons markets may rise or fall. But at the heart of it, all markets come down to just one thing: buyers and sellers. Taking a look at who is buying and who is selling can tell us something about the durability of the market’s performance and what may lie ahead. Currently, there are six notable trends …

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The Market’s March Madness

The Market's March Madness

It has been a sweet sixteen weeks for the S&P 500. The broad stock market index has had only three down weeks out of the past sixteen. While this stretch is tied by the same period a year ago, it is important to note that there has not been a sixteen-week period with fewer weeks of losses in over 20 years — since the period ending September 1, 1989.

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Same Europe, Different Crisis

Same-Europe-Different-CrisisWhile fourth quarter 2012 earnings results will again garner attention this week, investors may also be looking overseas to gauge market direction, since this week holds the first meeting of the year for European finance ministers. It is worth remembering that each spring for the past three years, the S&P 500 has started a slide of about 10% during the second quarter, led by events in Europe.

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