LPL Outlook 2017 Video

Outlook 2017 Video

This seven-minute multimedia presentation highlights our forecasts for stocks, bonds, and the economy, and discusses the gauges we are watching in 2017, with recommendations on how to invest.


I Want My GDP: Nowcast Preview For Q4 2016

Weekly Economic CommentaryWith the first (“advance”) estimate of GDP for Q4 2016 coming at the end of the week, Fed NowCast models are forecasting an average real growth of 2.5%…

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Outlook 2017 – Gauging Market Milestones

outlook-2017Presenting LPL Research Outlook 2017.

Halloween Special: What Might Scare the Markets

jack-o-lanternIt’s Halloween, so what else could we do but write about what might scare the markets? We know from the financial media, measures of investor sentiment, and mutual fund outflows from equities and into bonds that investor nervousness is widespread. Some concerns are related to …

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Gauging Global Growth and Bob Dylan

Weekly Economic CommentaryWe examine the economic, political, and market landscape through the lyrics of Bob Dylan, who won the Nobel Prize for Literature last week…

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Midyear Outlook 2016: Campaigning for More Investment

LPL Market ResearchWe continue to expect mid-single-digit returns for the S&P 500 in 2016, consistent with historical mid-to-late economic cycle performance. As discussed in our just released Midyear Outlook 2016: A Vote Of Confidence, we expect…

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Midyear Outlook 2016 Letter

Midyear Outlook 2016Understanding the Midyear Outlook 2016 report.

Beige Book: Window on Main Street

Weekly Economic CommentaryThe latest Beige Book suggests that the U.S. economy is still growing near its long-term trend. However…

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From Headwind to Tailwind?

PlaneAs noted in our Outlook 2016, we expect the dollar to stabilize after its large increase between mid-2014 and mid-2015…

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Data-Driven Perspective on a Rough Start to 2016

LPL Market ResearchDown 8.8% though 29 trading days, 2016 is the third worst start for stocks over the past nearly 90 years. A comparison of market, sentiment, technical and fundamental indicators to prior bear market lows provides some encouraging signs…

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